Nov 2011
Written by Administrator
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I am thrilled to introduce EG Entertainment (EGE), an innovative event-planning company. EGE promotes the recognition of Deaf artists and the Deaf community’s culture, language, diversity and contributions. This is achieved through high-profile events that highlight the film industry and Deaf people’s stellar work.

I established EGE in 2010 to meet the need for in-depth experience with the Deaf community that could be combined with experience in event planning, cultural knowledge and connections within the film industry. With 10 years of event planning experience, including a theatre festival, the Miss Deaf International competition and my one-woman shows, I knew I could fill this niche. As someone who takes the art of film very seriously, it is my goal to strengthen EGE’s network of professionals who work together in bringing Deaf artists to the forefront in Hollywood.

EGE hosted its first red-carpet event for a film by a Deaf filmmaker in Hollywood in 2010 with great success. With this inaugural event came increased demand. In the two years since, EGE has hosted numerous events for filmmakers, nonprofit agencies such as the Greater Los Angeles Agency on Deafness, and one-person shows. EGE was also recognized for its work in September 2012 with an award from the City of Los Angeles.

EGE provides a variety of services in addition to event planning and hosting, such as consulting, networking, and guest services. Deaf filmmakers have the opportunity to showcase their works and accomplishments through EGE-hosted events, and can be confident that media releases about their films will be culturally authentic. EGE has worked with filmmakers, producers, artists, sponsors, organizations, corporations and fans in many areas, and strives to ensure that each and every client has a hassle-free, top-notch experience.

EGE works with all audience types, all film companies, and all production companies, and collaborates with sponsors and nonprofits for fundraising opportunities.

To host a spectacular event, contact EGE today to receive free consultation. Also sign up for our newsletter at www.evelinagaina.com and stay notified of films, events and organizations working with the Deaf community. For sponsorship opportunities, drop me a line at egaina@gmail.com. Videophone appointments are also available by appointment.

As the premier choice for events involving Deaf people in the arts, EGE is the one to host your event. I look forward to working with you!

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