Jul 2013
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My very first performance was at my parents’ old apartment in North Hollywood. My parents' friends used to come over for some tea and pastries. They all came from different ethnic backgrounds. I was about six years old and the only child at these “parties." Can you blame me when I got bored? So, I ended up performing for my parents' friends who were my main audience.

The fact that I was a little girl, I had a goal to perform in Europe. I knew it was a big leap to be made. So when I got an invitation to perform at Clin d’Oeil Festival, it was beyond any word that could describe how thrilled I was.

After two years of performing in America, it was an experience of rediscovery for me as an American citizen, but my true roots go deeper as a Romanian. I was able to reconnect my roots with language, culture and community. It was assuredly one of the best experience when I knew my audience could relate to me by their laughters and reactions.
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