Aug 2012
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Oh the stories Evelina could tell you...

A woman of many talents, Evelina Gaina is an actress, an entrepreneur, an event planner, a storyteller, a teacher, and a director. A Romanian born, American raised, Evelina has first broken into the acting scene at DeafWest Theatre and have gotten into onstage acting for several local productions before landing her first television role in CBS’s “Cold Case” in 2008, and then appearing in “Night Sky” in 2009. 

 In 2010, she has appeared in an American Sign Language (ASL) Films production, "Black Sand,” featuring four students on a suspenseful Spring Break in Costa Rica.

Oh the stories!

Her acting stint hasn’t stopped there. Her one-woman show has taken off to a growing sensation nationwide and internationally. In the summer of 2013, No Name Yet! Has made its recent appearance across the sea in Ireland and France with the use of International Sign Language. With her great storytelling spirit, Evelina has sent her audience in tears of amusement, bursts of flapping hands and waves of laughter of an everlasting impression.

Oh the stories she could tell you…

Evelina calls the City of Angels, Los Angeles, her home: the place where all stories are born, created and adapted. She has also founded EG Entertainment, which hosted three successful years of Red Carpet events featuring ASL Films production. She also has a channel on YouTube featuring fun peeks of her worldwide adventures.

Oh the stories!

When Evelina is not on stage or on screen acting or coordinating, she can be found teaching college students at California State University, Northridge. And finally, in her free time if she has any, she enjoys surfing, painting, snowboarding, exploring, traveling, and spending time with her family and friends.

For more stories about Evelina, see her website, www.evelinagaina.com

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