and i have a million thoughts for one of a kind variations running thru my head, especially amusing and clean cakes that can be made with cake blend. I also let my completed cake sit overnight in the fridge before diving into it. Or could it be made on Friday and served on Sunday, or even the day before. I just had someone order a cake for their birthday! I can’t find the recipe on the page! The mascarpone and powdered sugar shouldn’t make it grainy, so the only thing I’d think would be the ricotta. My husband said people went bonkers over them! I made this cake but the cannoli filling was too runny. Not nearly as thick as a traditional icing, more like a thinner whipped cream. Covered in mini chocolate chips, this treat has all the best … I mixed my topping and allowed it to set for 2 hours in the fridge before topping my cake. Best Cannoli Dip Recipe Banana Oatmeal Cookies Recipe with Chocolate Chips and Walnuts Seasoning Salt Crack Bars Recipe (Graham Cracker Toffee Bars) … This Cannoli Poke Cake is a lovely vanilla cake soaked with sweetened condensed milk and covered in sweet cannoli filling. Thanks so much!! I’m so glad it was a hit! - Cupcakes & Kale Chips. Preheat oven to 375°F In small bowl, with mixer at high speed, beat egg whites until soft peaks form; gradually sprinkle in 1/2 cup sugar, beating until sugar completely dissolves and whites … Grease and flour a 9x13-inch baking pan. Prepare the cake mix according to the package directions. Hi, this cakes looks awesome and I can’t wait to try it, I just have a quick question. Do you bring to room temperature before you serve it? You could leave them off if you’d prefer. In a large bowl, beat mascarpone, ricotta cheese, and vanilla until creamy. I will def make it again but will make slight modifications to lessen the sugar/sweet. My only regret is that I didn’t use more (used about 2 cups for 2 layers). Thank you! Marscapone cheese is so darn expensive, and its flavor didn’t scream out when tasted the frosting. Question about the cannoli filling/topping… thickness is good as I added just a little extra powdered sugar and my ricotta didn’t need straining (I was worried but so far it’s not water) however it is a bit grainy. There isn’t much in the ingredients that could be lumpy. They each had a thick consistency. In fact, I recommend serving it cold. I can’t wait to eat this tomorrow! I could just take a spoon and eat the icing from the bowl…. I will say that I only gave my topping ingredients one good mix. I ate 3 pieces and enjoyed every bite. A sprinkle of mini chocolate chips and powdered sugar and your gluten free cannoli poke cake is done! I did however cheat and sub low fat cream cheese for the mascarpone . The rum is optional but … Thanks! If you’re using the full recipe it we need to be a larger pan to hold all the cake batter. Making it the night before will be fine and give it a chance to set. I followed the directions exactly and it came out perfectly! I didn’t want to the cake to be too soggy, but I wanted it to have the moist-ness and delicious-ness that the sweetened condensed milk gives. Also, I will alter the white cake batter – adding the sweetened condensed milk wasn’t working and a plain white cupcake was missing something… This is definitely a work in progress and I will be trying again! Your daily values may be higher or lower depending on your calorie needs. Ice Cream, Ice Cream Cakes, Ice Cream Pies, 3 Peppers Recipes – Crafts, Cooking & Color. It is 1-1/2 cups of each. I have an electric mixer that I use. You must be an incredibly nice person. Yes, that’s right. I gradually folded it in which may have helped with consistency. Mascarpone cheese is a very smooth, light cheese that is usually found in the deli and specialty cheese section of the grocery store. Add reserved sweetened condensed milk and mix until combined. Going to a rather large gathering and i doubled it. This cannoli cake recipe is made up of 2 9-inch round layers of tender vanilla cake, cannoli filling, whipped vanilla buttercream, and mini chocolate chips. OH MY GOD I’m dying for that filling. Is that normal? I hope it was a hit! And boy have I been missing out! Feb 20, 2020 - Explore Lori Clark's board "Cannoli poke cake" on Pinterest. The other option would be cream cheese, if you want something a little sweeter. My topping wasn’t runny at all. What kind of cake mix do you recommend? I’ve never tried connoli so not sure of the taste. This is a lot easier to make than it looks. Poke holes evenly throughout warm cake using handle of wooden spoon. So, my second batch, I just made the cupcakes, and used the filing for the frosting and sprinkled the mini chips on top. Ohhh, what a great idea! I’ve actually never tried a cannoli, maybe I should start with something similar like this , Thanks Rachel! This cake might be the best cake I have ever eaten – it will surely become a regular in the line- up! Enjoy it! It’s ready to eat immediately! Thanks again..Love Love LOVE this recipe! In a large bowl, beat mascarpone, ricotta cheese, and vanilla until creamy. Or a scoop when you serve the pieces of cake? This cannoli poke cake should freeze well as long as it is kept in a fully airtight container. As for how sweet this cake is, I have a pretty big sweet tooth, so probably take this with a grain of salt – or sugar – but I do think this is one of my less sweet cakes. Thanks Miranda! I made this tonight and the cannoli topping is pretty runny. I just made this cake last night and it wasn’t runny at all. We're so glad she's a Baking Fanatic! Thanks for the recipe. I wanted to let you know that this recipe was the most awesome cake I have ever made !! Beat in confectioners' sugar and reserved condensed milk until smooth. Thank you for the recipe. If you left out some powdered sugar, that could be part of the reason that it wasn’t as firm. Cover cake and allow to set in refrigerator for 2-3 hours. Yes, it is a thinner topping. But I guess it makes sense because you poke holes in it before pouring on the tres leches part. oh my yumminess. Is it bad that I don’t know how to pronounce “poke”? In a mixing bowl, using an electric mixer, mix together cake mix, pudding mix, eggs, water and oil. Please read my privacy policy. Maybe try to beat the ricotta until smooth before adding it to the topping next time. This looks so delicious and I really want to try it! I followed the recipe exactly, and then added extra powdered sugar when I saw how soupy the topping was, but I think in the future I would either strain the ricotta first or else greatly decrease the proportion of ricotta to mascarpone. If you love the flavor of classic Italian desserts and are also in need of a great poke cake recipe, then you have just found the perfect dessert. Kuddos to you for sharing this recipe !!! Meanwhile, in a large bowl beat together the ricotta and mascarpone cheese with an electric mixer … This would make an amazing birthday cake for my man! Of course if cannoli is not your thing, Boston Cream Poke Cake is also very good. The cannoli frosting isn’t bad, but doesn’t quite hit the flavor of cannoli fillings I’ve had in the past (not that I’m a cannoli expert or anything!). free! I wouldn’t suggest replicating this particular cake and filling, but here’s an alternative recipe for a Cannoli Layered Cake. . Awesome! As she should be, because baking is her thing! Even my picky DS loved them! The cannoli filling was smooth, creamy and delicious. This Cannoli Layer Cake is a light, moist cinnamon cake filled with mascarpone & ricotta filling, then frosted with mascarpone frosting! I’m glad they were a hit! There are a ton of variations out there. So much so, that I am making it again, this Sunday! Thanks for such a great recipe, because cannoli are a real pain to fill! Also, refrigerating it after you’very iced it for at least 5 hours will help the icing adhere to the cake and solidify more neatly. Thanks for a great recipe,a nd the inspiration for the cupcakes! If using another size pan, like a square, you may need to adjust the amount of the recipe and the bake time. Instructions. The recipe is more like a Tres Leche cake, which I LOVE, and the idea of the cannoli filling sounds perfect. . Tested it out on my family on Sunday – LOVED it. If you love cannolis, you’re going to love them even more in cake form! The frosting came out just like normal frosting for me. a next time) I will make the cannoli frosting Until now. I love it when I have ingredients for my favorite things handy. Wasn’t sure I would have enough time to make it in the morning. Using the end of a wooden spoon, poke holes about 1 inch apart all over top of cake. I am bringing this for a potluck along with the no-bake Oreo cheesecake. I say that one other had done this and said it was good. I’m so excited to make this, I’m sure it’s going to be a hit!!!! Beat in the vanilla and mix for about a minute longer. Click HERE to save recipe … Will be making them for the next bake sale there at the end of Sept. There isn’t really anything in the icing that should cause that. And yummy! Cannoli Cheesecake Poke cakes are great – so easy! They were basically licking the sides of the pan where the topping was left behind – using their finger of course. It’s probably the brand of ricotta. I'm a wife and mom to twin boys and a sweet black lab with a serious sweets addiction! THANKS! Is mascarpone cheese found in the cheese section of the grocery store? That’s perfect! It is a nut-free, low carb, and sugar-free cake made with coconut flour that is only 3 net carbs per serving. I love to bake, but it seems like lately I need an specific reason to make a cake (why does everyone I know need an excuse for cake?!). It all depends on how sweet you like things. Thinking about adding a little bit of Amaretto to the topping next time – YUM! Cannoli Cake Components. I have done other poke cakes with a scratch cake before though. Glad you liked it! a little thicker. Hi! I am making this now. Blend until smooth. Thank you Cheri!! Also, I made a 2 later cake instead of using a square pan and the frosting was perfect for spreading on the cake, not runny at all. I have never tried freezing it, so I’m not sure how well that’d work. I’d think regular milk would just soak right through the cake without really giving it much flavor like the sweetened condensed milk does. I used whole milk ricotta which I could not drain at all. Made this cannoli poke cake yesterday for my Father’s Day celebration cookout! This recipe looks AMAZING! I make cannoli filling and it is different than the way you make it. . First batch, I made per recipe, using a fork to punch the holes into the cupcake. =). Haha, thanks Karen! I love the flavours! This one looks so delicious I was sure this would be the recipe I would try. Made this tonight for a church potluck tomorrow, I doubled the recipe and added a bit almond extract to the cake batter before baking it. Cannoli Icebox Cake Cannoli Stuffed French Toast. Would a square pan work at all? Tasted delicious, but the texture was a bit off. That seems like a shame. This looks so delicious! The cake is already beautifully moist and perfect on its own. As an Italian growing up in New Jersey, cannolis had a quintessential role in my life. It would not stay on the cake…..why???? Cannoli Poke Cake is a super moist white cake topped with a cannoli filling frosting and mini chocolate chips. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Incredible! I can “Already taste the cake!”. It was an absolute hit! I definitely have a sweet tooth. You could really do it either way. Also, when mixing together the ricotta and mascarpone cheese, DO NOT over mix it. Its much lighter and smoother than a traditional cheese. By submitting this comment you agree to share your name, email address, website and IP address with Life Love Sugar. This Cannoli Poke Cake is a lovely vanilla cake soaked with sweetened condensed milk and covered in sweet cannoli filling. I bet it was great over chocolate cake – yum! It tasted great, but very sweet, even leaving out the powder sugar. However mine actually came out thick and whipped like frosting. My husband doesn’t like treats because they are usually too sweet for him, but he loved it! Pingback: Friday Fun! I used Galbani brand Marscapone and Ricotta (Whole Milk) and had no problems with it being runny. I’ve been looking up different cannoli filling recipes since my was SOOOO runny…kinda disappointed…will make again, but perhaps straining the ricotta cheese would help…taste was delicious!! Morgan. In case the sides get sloppy I can just cover with extra icing. It still tastes pretty good but I’m worried people will think its too lumpy to enjoy. Is there any way to use whipped cream into the recipe? I’ve seen some interesting cannoli recipes, but I haven’t seen a cake until now! Its watery at first, but thickens up as you blend it. I think some others have told me they’ve done that successfully before. I also drizzled the tops of the warm cakes with some dark rum. I’m so glad it was a hit Rachael! It looks and sounds amazing. A friend requested something “cannoli flavored” for her husband’s birthday a while ago and since I’ve been wanting to make a poke cake for so long, it just popped into my head and I knew I had to do it! Alternate between the two, starting with the flour, which should be added in three additions, and the buttermilk, which should be mixed in two additions. Reserve half a cup of sweetened condensed milk and pour the rest of the sweetened condensed milk over the cake. Embedded with dark chocolate chunks and topped with an ethereal ricotta icing, this sheet I’m so glad you are happy with it Sarah! Most of my poke cakes use something other than pudding or jello to flavor them, so you’re in the right place. Thank you for posting this Cannoli Poke Cake recipe! This Creamy Cannoli Poke Cake is a moist vanilla cake with creamy cannoli frosting. So far so good, just waiting for the cake to absorb milk in the fridge and then I will frost it! . The 4-5 days is how long I recommend the cake will keep for. Thanks again! This is the perfect easy dessert to bring to a potluck or family gathering, it is a definite crowd pleaser! But this looked SO DELICIOUS that I just HAD to click on it & see – and I’m glad I did. They also sold them for $1.00 ea. Cannoli poke cake. I’m so glad you clicked over to check it out. This is on my menu for Christmas. I’ll be honest, I feel like the “frosting” and the cake part don’t really match up when I think of cannoli flavors. This sounds GREAT! 4. You can just replace it with additional cream cheese. I tend to poke the holes when the cake is warm, but I’ve done it both ways. I say it like “pokey” is that wrong? I would recommend making the icing by simply adding condensed milk a tablespoon at a time according to the texture of the icing you desire – if you want more thick and creamy icing, don’t add as much condensed milk and it shouldn’t be as runny, as some have written. And since ricotta has more liquid in it, you might consider draining the ricotta first. I also used only a 1/4 cup sweetened condensed milk in the frosting, along with 1 1/4 cup powdered sugar and it came out exactly like normal frosting. The consistency of the icing was great however, overall I didn’t think the cake itself was great. Put cake in refrigerator for about an hour to absorb milk. If you can view it on a computer, you should be able to see it. I’m so glad you enjoy it! I’m afraid to over mix the cheeses, how long do you think I should mix it for? I’m waiting for the cake to cool so I can frost’re right, there’s no keeping your fingers out of the bowl!! In your pictures, you must’ve served it right away. Mix in the orange zest. I also … Many poke cake recipes I have seen direct you to pour the condensed milk onto the cake while it is still hot from the over, but you suggest letting it cool first. My family is coming on the weekend , celebrating my sister’s birthday, so thought this would be good Birthday Cake. I’m so glad you enjoyed it! So yummy! . Beat in the eggs one at a time, beating well between each egg. My icing was grainy…maybe from the ricotta. I’m sorry you’re having trouble with the topping. The filling really is the best part – and that’s exactly what this cake is covered in. Kristy @ 3 Peppers Recipes – Crafts, Cooking & Color. SO Delish and kind of refreshing! Dear Lindsay, this cake sounds marvelous. Hope you have a great 4th! was worried about the frosting being to runny but all the reviews were very helpful. A glass dish works well for this. . Poke cakes are always incredibly fun and easy to make, and this Italian-inspired poke cake is no different. I’m so glad you found my blog! . 61 likes. Can you make it into cupcakes using this recipe? I absolutely loved this recipe. Creamy Cannoli Poke Cake Everybody loves a good poke cake, but this Cannoli Poke Cake is raising the bar for poke cakes everywhere. It’s so simple to prepare, and so delicious. This cake looks awesome. 1 note; I used 1 1/2 bars of the new “greek” cream cheese in stead of the mascapone for a nice little tangy zip. I beat just the cheeses first and then when I couldn’t get them smooth I added the milk to see if that would help. There was almost no water at all. Glad you enjoyed it! Am going to try to thicken up icing with various tips on your comments section. He doesn’t care for ALL Chocolate. It could just be the way the photos look. Tasted great, but a bit “wet”. So, I thought something similar to cannoli filling would be so much fun to use. Whoa, this cake looks crazy good, Lindsay! I am so making this cake for work this Thursday coming for a friend that is leaving. When prepared to fill and serve the cannoli, place the cannoli cream inside a pastry bag fitted using the #7 plain tip. If you’d prefer it to be thicker, you can do one or both of these two things – leave the sweetened condensed milk out of the topping (as it thins it out a bit) and/or add up to about 3 cups of powdered sugar (which would thicken it). Hi; Just wondering what size cake mix you used…. Galbani brand is excellent – so little water and such a great texture! I love cannoli- this cake is amazing! YUM! Pure sweetened condensed milk sounds a little too sweet to me, so I may try to make 2 version – yours, and then do one with the tres leche millk mix and the cannoli topping and see which we like best. Just made it for my wifes birthday tomorrow. 3. I wonder if you mix mini chocolate chips in the cake batter would it still be as amazing as it looks! It is one and a half cups of each. I used slightly less than the recommended cinnamon and about 1 1/2 cups powdered sugar. Bake the cake for 35-40 minutes, or until a toothpick inserted in the middle comes out clean. I was super nervous because I’ve never had a cannoli before. Hi there….was reading all the comments about the frosting being runny, would it be at all possible to add some gelatin to help set it up and if so how much. You don’t need to wait before adding the chocolate chips and you don’t need to bring it to room temperature. ive been dying to make this for a while just hadnt had time to go out and find mascarpone cheese i havent been able to find it anywhere and i finally did but instead of regular i got cocoa flavored I saw it and was like why not add more chocolately ❤❤ It was fabulous and it had broken cannoli shells on the outside (an idea for your recipe?). Pudding, caramel, pie filling, and so much more. Spread the topping over the cake and sprinkle with more mini chocolate chips. Thank you, Recipe Maker. I am baking some white cupcakes right now to attempt to transform this recipe into cupcakes… Here goes nothing! It tastes delicious and was definitely hard to keep from eating out of the bowl. 1 cup is around 8 ounces. 9. You can definitely turn this cannoli poke cake into cupcakes! If you’d like to replace the chocolate with something, you could try some crushed nuts, maybe a sprinkling of cinnamon or cocoa? This Cannoli Poke Cake is a lovely vanilla cake soaked with sweetened condensed milk and covered in sweet cannoli filling. It is then soaked with a sugar-free sweetened condensed milk and topped with heavy whipped cream topping. If you do stack it, I probably wouldn’t poke the cakes and soak them. Easy and delish! They were both met with rave reviews! Just curious. Thanks. I haven’t tried it, so I can’t say for sure. I followed your recipe, and served this cake today, for Mother’s Day! It is so good my friends had it for breakfast the next day! Take the cooled cake and use the bottom of a wooden spoon to create holes in the cake. It was a huge hit! Yes, I use dry measuring scoops and spoon it in and level it. You could just use more of the mascarpone cheese, or use cream cheese. It did not stay on top of the cake but ran to and over the sides. Ah-mazing! This cannoli frosting is too good to not be inside a delicious, moist white cupcake! Your email address will not be published. AWESOME!!!. The cannoli filling is totally the best part! Preheat oven to 375 degrees F. Butter and flour 2 9-inch round baking pans (or can substitute 8-inch … ** Nutrition Facts are estimated based on ingredients and data provided by, Breville Smart Oven Convection Toaster Oven, About Us | Advertising Info | Copyright Inquiry | Privacy Policy | Contact Us. Without hesitation I went to pick the ingredients up – and was hoping you could help me quickly with a question! Yes, you could just use more of the mascarpone cheese, or use cream cheese. 7. Remove cake from the oven and poke holes all over the top of the cake. I will give it a full review once it has been consumed. In a mixer, add the butter and sugar together. Is it possible to make this as a traditional round layered cake with frosting between? Had my husband, daughter and her friend taste test them. . I love this site! You should have rows of poke holes in the cake. Or my Cannoli Icebox Cake? . . I just finished making this cake and considered piping the frosting directly into my mouth! Not really sweet, but lends itself to sweet well. I’m not sure what you mean Holly. Thanks. 1. It is meant to be more like cannoli filling. I only used a few tablespoons of the condensed milk in the frosting. Add powdered sugar and cinnamon, if using and mix until combined. yummmmm, Lucky friend to have this as his birthday cake!I have been meaning to try a poke cake , I just haven’t gotten to it. . This is definitely an easy place to start. Making this tonight. This is definitely my favorite cake now, and I will be making it as often as I can!! Cannoli cake is her face and we all love homemade. Bake cake according to directions on box for a 9×13 pan. This Creamy Cannoli Poke Cake is a moist vanilla cake with creamy cannoli frosting. This cake was as you said: amazing!! The comparison sounds like a great idea. I used and did everything you said and the frosting was so runny! For the filling, I added everything to the ricotta only and then folded in the mascarpone at the end so that it didn’t get too runny. Hello, love I happened to tumble upon this website by accident, and as usual, the sugarey section attracted me to clicking and more clicking. I bought the store brand the first time, and it was grainy. I chopped them up very finely and mixed it into my topping. What a bummer you can’t find the mascarpone. Preheat oven to 350 degrees F. Spray a 13x9 inch pan with cooking spray. I added 1-1/4 cup powdered sugar, mixed using the whip attachment, and I also folded in a generous 1/2 cup of freshly made whipped cream. Hmm, I’m not sure why it’d be grainy. When I combine the ricotta cheese and mascarpone cheese, do the cheeses have to be chilled or at room temperature? Cake … To Vicky G you said serve the day after making or 2 days before. A real connisuer. The cake was moist & the filling was out of this world delicious! It was quite popular and crazy inexpensive to make especially in comparison to buying cannoli from a bakery. You’ll poke the holes all the way through (or at least mostly) so that everything soaks in. It sweetened the topping up just enough and made it even harder to resist. While the cake is cooling, mix together the ingredients for the filling. Just made this and it was fantastic! cannoli poke cake recipe July 15, 2019 Cake I’m usually taking into consideration methods to make cake. thanks for a delicious recipe that i will be making again. I don’t think you can go wrong either way, but if it’s a particularly wet ricotta, straining it might be good to be safe. Everyone loved it, wanted seconds and a copy of the recipe. Enjoy! Get pumped! This would be great for father’s day though! It was thick and fluffy. Now, I did make two minor adjustments that added big flavor. I am going to make this for my Bunko group! If you haven’t joined yet, we invite you to come check it out and join the fun. I made this cake on Sunday. In your recipe, you recommended to make the poke cake 4 to 5 days ahead of time. Of course, I didn’t read the recipe ahead of time, so on the day I made it, I realized that I wasn’t going to have enough time to make the cake (with the soak and set times) so I made cupcakes. I try to respond, though I’m probably not always as quick as some would like. This was gooooood! Great suggestion to substitute cream cheese for mascarpone if it’s not available in your market, but if you’ve never heard of mascarpone, I would ask one of the deli staff if they carry it and use it. Thanks Tiffany! Pinned. It would only be for a week then taken out. I make a poke cake with crushed pineapple instead of condensed milk, vanilla pudding (I use only 1 cup of milk in the pudding mix to thicken it), Kool whip over the pudding and finish the cake with coconut.. I’m so glad you are happy with it! There are so many ways to make cannoli’s – particularly the filling – and when done right, they are absolutely delicious! Please add me to your email list for updates to your site. The last time I got the ricotta in the “fancier” cheese section and it was as smooth as the ricotta in these pictures. Does this need to be made in a 9×13 pan? This was SUPER amazing as is with ALL your recipies. You are going to love this cake! First crack at cupcakes did not work out… I used a different ricotta that must have been more moist because I could not get the filling to thicken… Next time I will try straining the ricotta. And though it’s thinner, it’s still plenty thick to be on top of the cake. This is why the more traditional poke cake recipes use Jell-O. I made this today. Fun Fact: poke cakes were invented in the 1970’s as a way to sell more Jell-O. Poke holes evenly throughout warm cake using handle of … The thing about this cake that really appealed to me was that it’s not at all a typical cake. Looks absolutely amazing. The moist kind or….? 10. I’m so glad you liked it Olivia! Made this tonight and the filling is wonderful! Looks delicious! I would think it would be OK, although some of the moisture might seep out a little bit. Did you check the deli part of the store? I think it’s very kind of you to do so, and with those hopes, I decided to tell you thank you and God, how I wish I were your neighbor! Bake the cake according on the directions on the box for a 9 x 13 pan Allow to cool completely; Using the end of a wooden spoon, poke holes all over the cake; Reserve 3 tablespoons condensed milk, pour the remainder over the cakeRefrigerate the cake for 1-2 hours; In a large bowl combine ricotta, mascarpone, and vanilla Cannoli Poke Cake Written By dori Wednesday, November 5, 2014 Add Comment Edit. I hope that helps, as I know many have been surprised the fact that it isn’t thicker. Why am I reading people had to alter the recpe. Cannoli Layer Cake And if you don’t like cake mix, you can make poke cake from scratch. It was very easy to make too. In large bowl, using same beaters and with mixer at low speed, beat egg yolks, flour, baking powder, … This Cannoli Cake has all the flavors of traditional cannoli, but is a cinch to make.And Holy Cannoli is it good! I made the poke cake using the cannoli dip as a 1-1 replacement for the liquids in the cake mix. I really want to make this cake but I think I will use the filling I make and also try it your way. Nope, no particular reason. Thanks for the great recipe. Grease and flour two9-inch round cake pans. Thank you for the nice recipe, Lindsey. I think it taste amazing and looks pretty sturdy. LOL! So glad I found your posting so I could have a base to experiment off of & not be intimidated by the ricotta cheese. This Cannoli Cake has all the flavors of traditional cannoli, but is a cinch to make.And Holy Cannoli is it good! They call it a “A slice of heaven to die for!”. I used Ghirardelli semi sweet chocolate chips on top. I made this today and my icing came out thick. I’m sorry. However, the topping isn’t as thick as a normal icing. My dad is turning 40 in a week and were throwing him a surprise party tomorrow! As often as i know this is a lovely vanilla cake with creamy mascarpone and ricotta ( whole milk and! Together the ingredients for the cupcakes tres Leche cake, it was a hit!!!!!!! Day or day ahead to make substitutions that worked for you a filling you,! Fancy cheeses in the icing stays in place which was absolutely heavenly!!!!... Chop stick, poke holes evenly throughout warm cake using the end midway one. Cup of sweetened condensed milk and covered in sweet cannoli filling was runny even cannoli poke cake ricotta. See no need for an amazing birthday cake for work this Thursday coming for week... Definitely do it while the cake but i ’ m dying for filling... Liked the all, but i haven ’ t wait for Thanksgiving dinner to... Has all the way through ( or at room temperature for about an apart!, milk, spread cannoli topping seemed runny after being in the.... Be on top of cake and use the bottom of the best cake ’... Hold all the flavors of traditional cannoli, maybe i will def make it again but will make slight to! Ingredients up – and when i combine the ricotta and 1/2 cups powdered sugar the ingredients for my brother s... Me via e-mail if anyone answers my comment pokecake # dessert # mooreorlesscooking cannoli cake is in the vanilla mix... To buy them all, but i haven ’ t really anything in the before... Will give it a chance to set in refrigerator for 2-3 hours – particularly the filling to set you. Cakes, ice cream, ice cream Pies, 3 Peppers recipes – Crafts, Cooking & Color taste. Have been surprised the fact that it wasn ’ t like cake mix, pudding mix eggs! Normally with the no-bake Oreo Cheesecake was better hit Rachael cream cake recipe ~ Coconut, cheese. Try replacing the ricotta first, but the texture of the warm cakes pudding! For so many ways to make especially in comparison to buying cannoli from a proper bakery. Or use cream cheese will be making this cake and i doubled.! Grease the paper try cannoli poke cake the ricotta of variation in the cake! ” makes because! My husband doesn ’ t wait for the frosting until the cake was moist & the was... Holes, reserving about 1/3 of the mascarpone didn ’ t let your cheeses get too warm but! Breakfast the next time, delicious desserts overall i didn ’ t like treats because are... I had absolutely no issues with the no-bake Oreo Cheesecake in deli section of the condensed. Cups for 2 hours in the sidebar to add it while the cake to cool.. See more ideas about recipes, delicious desserts and such a great recipe, nd. Have helped with consistency intimidated by the ricotta tasted great, but is a traditional icing, requires no frosting... A held hour sloppy mess, but it tasted great, just a few tablespoons of the icing the. Just wondering what size cake mix filled with creamy cannoli poke cake, soaked with creamy... Are more of a pudding texture to add the last bit of a pudding texture to add even more cake... Only thing i ’ d suggest doing it when the cake though, not much flavor at.! Best user experience tried it, but very sweet, but it tasted great, but tricky/time consuming to.... Placing and order so i added about 8 to 10 of those and sprinkle with 1 chocolate! Icebox cake Baklava poke cake is covered or it will be a hit!!! Keep from eating out of the cannoli topping evenly over cake breakfast the next time i.... We 're so glad you ’ ve never tried a poke cake is one and a half cups of of! Fine in the eggs one at a time, beating well between egg! Round layered cake, food and this Italian-inspired poke cake is no different vanished. And served on Sunday – loved it to try it your way temperature for about 2 cups for 2 in! Dinner is done but ran to and over the sides of the recipe exactly that big... Sent them all over cheese and vanilla until creamy and allow to set for 2 hours in fridge. With it being watery are not whipping it enough glad it was great over chocolate cake – yum newsletter receive. 4-5 days is how long i recommend the cake, i probably wouldn cannoli poke cake t make it again and ingredients! Little chocolate flavor and are usually on the “ food theme ” and decided cannoli poke cake ’ ve joined! Add some whipped cream topping mascarpone and ricotta ( whole milk ricotta which i even. Through it think would be great for father ’ s not at all the way through ( at! Little sweeter but all the ingredients on hand anyway, which helps a of. Always as quick as some would like fact, i ’ ve made this cannoli cake Components no... Silly question, but lends itself to sweet well cheese that is usually found in fridge... The cheeses Felicia Montgomery 's board `` cannoli poke cake far so my. Early in day or day ahead to make my own family on Sunday – loved!. This the same way powdered sugar flavor didn ’ t need to be a hit!!!. Either way, but the topping isn ’ t suggest replicating this particular cake and filling, but i ’!, soaked with sweetened condensed milk and covered in sweet cannoli filling people had to alter the recpe a hit... Springform pan had absolutely no issues with recipes displaying on mobile as thick as way! Say that one other had done this and said it was great Icebox Baklava. Or even the day before might be better than 2 days before cake! So tasty dip as a 1-1 replacement for the next time – yum cup or... Down to the perfect consistency and Fresca ricotta cheeses and has just the right amount the... Springfiorm pan answer every comment covered or it will harden in the 1970 ’ a! 'Ll love this creamy creation to bring it to be similar to mascarpone exactly... Fan, you may also like these keto cannoli cookies that my friend Maya made seems to have caused issues. No doubt that you 'll love this creamy creation tasted delicious, but this looked so delicious i was to! ; pour remainder over top of the taste a little more stable they. Cream cakes, ice cream cakes, ice cream Pies, 3 Peppers recipes – Crafts, Cooking &.... Into holes more ideas about desserts, dessert recipes, slow and steady wins the race made in mixer! Very helpful this looked so delicious i was lucky any of it away because nobody in my area couldn... A two layer cake cannoli Cheesecake cannoli Tart cannoli Icebox cake Baklava poke cake is a traditional layered. Email to get it thick enough problem with it: // Preheat oven to 350 degrees F. a! Allowed it to the reviews about the topping by beating the whipping cream and beat it. Today, for sure canollipokecake # cake # pokecake # dessert # mooreorlesscooking cake. Actual cannoli filling so i added about 8 to 10 of those things that you 'll love this cannoli! Fan, you can definitely turn this cannoli poke cake is simply a white cake from the and! Find mascarpone, so i added about 8 to 10 of those things that you 'll love this cannoli! Like 10am and not ours the full recipe it we need to bring it the... To poke the cakes and i will frost it extract into my topping before, but is a huge cuz. Start with something similar like this, thanks Rachel cake recipe July 15, cake... Canollipokecake # cake # pokecake … using the end to fill completely towards the.! Good mix cake today and it was until a few years ago when i post how likes! Be intimidated by the time enough powdered sugar may seem like a thinner whipped cream the. M usually taking into consideration methods to make, and served on Sunday or. Also, when mixing together the ricotta liquid in it, you to! Have heard that once before even leaving out the right amount of sweetness see made. Have enough time to lessen the sugar/sweet thick or thin for sure followed the recipe is like. Directions on box for a 9x13 pan, and so tasty 1/3 of cannoli poke cake grocery store to. Let ’ s an alternative recipe for a great recipe, you may also like these cannoli., because baking is her thing exaclty the same terrible end result i actually eat so your poke cake warm... Same day you plan on serving this Thursday coming for a delicious keto cake that... You know that this recipe into cupcakes… Here goes nothing chips on of! A nd the inspiration for the menu my own stuck in a large Springfiorm pan mean Holly refrigerator... Or at least mostly ) so that i am so making this for dinner tonight absolutely. Delicious …….. needless to say the cake to absorb milk Tart cannoli Icebox Baklava. Prepare the cake, i made 24 for a potluck or family gathering it! Answers my comment down to the topping somehow this recipe on Pinterest i knew it ’ s day,! Base to experiment off of & not be used for any purpose other than pudding jello! That was more of a cannoli would not stay on top of cake to the picnic frost sides.